Sep 9, 2010

Farewell Blogger and new Asian carp "Czar"

Easy! I'm just moving websites. I made some friends over at Southern Fried Science, and they've recently created a network (called the Gam) made up of ocean bloggers from all over. Its like a Carnival of the Blue, except its everyday....instead of once a month. They decided that Spawning is Imminent is worthy and they'd like us to join (haha, I have them fooled).

My new website will be It hasn't officially launched yet, but I'm launching it to you guys. I know, I know, you have to change the website in your favorites tab. Take your finger out of your nose and do it. Right now. I'll wait. Here's some music to listen to while you do your business.

"I'll wait" by Van Halen
The reason for the switch is that this will expose my blog to a much larger audience. Don't call me a sell out! I'm that hip indie band that you got used to seeing at your favorite bar. And I just got signed onto a new label. But it's the same music. You guys are my people! My homies. You'll always be my favorites. The site will generally have the same look and feel, but it will be a wordpress blog instead of blogger. I've had to learn a new blogging platform, so it may take me a while to get the hang of it. I'll send a last last post, when it officially launches. Because of importing issues, I'll keep this site up. But nothing new will be posted here.

I need something fish related. I'll keep it short. Asian carp are taking over our country. Instead of explaining, I'll show you. Watch this.

In Soviet Russia, carp catch you!

It's a huge problem, and they're making their way up to the Great Lakes. If you read this article, it explains that the White House has named our new Asian Carp Czar. His main job is keep the carp from coming further north. Good luck pal.

You and the other Czars should become the Super Friends.

They've been considered invasive since 2007, and they've made their way up the Mississippi River and are headed for Lake Erie. These fish are pretty dangerous, they'll jump out of the water and punch you right in the face. One of our attempts to lower their numbers is to market them for consumption. Mmmm....carp, yum. I don't see that working, and that's probably why we're exporting them to other countries that have a better taste for carpyness. Unfortunately, invasions tend to be the game becomes controlling rather than eliminating.

Asian carp, snakeheads, and lionfish everyone. Eat up.


  1. Just put a bounty on them. Jumping carp + Rednecks with Shotguns = Hours of fun!


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