Dec 2, 2009

Toilet humor

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a month. Honestly, there's been little time to write and little motivation on my part. However, aside from the Holidays coming up, time is now on my side and my motivation has never been stronger. Material is a little lacking, but hey....we're past that. I'll just keep posting about things you might not care about because you'll read anything, won't you?

I can't believe it's December already. Up until now, I've been very busy with field work so the time, she flies by. We're going to shut down field work for a few months, for the most part. This gives us time to catch up on laboratory work. And who wants to be on a boat in the middle of the Gulf this time of year? It's bumpy, cold, and wet.

That's what she said.

Pretty soon, Joe and I will be working on some reef fish gut analysis. BTW my right hand man, Joe is one of our technicians in the lab. We've collected hundreds of stomachs in the past couple of months from fish we caught hook-and-line. The stomachs have been pickled in formalin, so we'll be dissecting them and identifying/weighing the contents. So I'll snap off a few pictures and learn you something about fish diet.

Speaking of pictures, I'll be getting myself a new DSLR camera this Christmas. I'm thinking about getting the Canon Rebel EOS XSi. So that means more expensive toys for me to break, and better pictures for you to look at. You're welcome.

So...that's status quo. Oh, I wanted to end the post with a bang. A really gross bang. Here's an article about eating Escolar.

sweet oily revenge

The Escolar (or "butterfish") is sometimes labeled as white tuna in sushi restaurants. I've also seen it prepared in upscale seafood restaurants. The fish contains a high fat content, with a healthy portion of wax esters. These esters can cause anal leakage. Apparently, if you eat enough of the fish (more than 6 ounces), the wax esters pool up and seep out into your trousers.

The more you know.